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Updated: Feb 14

I sometimes think about the similarities and differences between my identical twin brother and I. Growing up I always knew of him wanting to build things. We were categorized early by our peers that I was the more serious student of the two of us. But, there is one area I don't think I can even come close to him in terms of intelligence. I know there are different forms of intelligence. I completed my education up to a Masters degree while my twin brother completed two associates degrees. He never completed a four year Bachelor's degree. Still, I remember growing up, my brother was the person to build a flying model airplane. I remember one of incident I was impressed with his skill set that I decided to fly the airplane without his knowledge. As it turns out, I crashed his model airplane.

On another occasion when we were well in our adulthood, he built a desktop computer and sold it for a profit. I was so impressed I asked him to show me how to build a computer. The day came when all the parts came through the mail. He placed 50% of the money for the parts and I placed the other 50%. Everything was going smoothly until I decided to move forward without asking what I needed to do next. Little did I know that electrostatic discharge was real. I remember touching the motherboard and I short circuited the motherboard even before we completed the computer. At that moment I lost 50% of his share in the investment of building of a desktop computer.

But, the one area that I am so proud of my brother was when I asked him to teach me how to code and write in html/css to design webpages. With his help, I was able to learn a whole new language. Up until that point, I was always in awe of how he picked up writing and coding without any formal training. Me building a flying model airplane didn't go well when were growing up and building a desktop computer was cut short by my stubbornness to not wait for additional directions. I must say learning to code and learning the inter workings of the computer is something I am thankful for. My twin brother might not have the

credentials in writing in terms of formal education, but when it comes to building things and being savvy on the computer, he beats me every single time. We don't compete anymore. Now I am just grateful and thankful I can learn and continue to learn a new skill with coding and web design from my brother.

With this blog, I used a template. But, with the website I built for my tutoring business, I did the coding for everything. That was the first time I wrote and coded in html/css and made it work where it served a purpose. When I closed my tutoring business, I also shut down my website for good.

My brother has skills I wish I had and that it would come more naturally. In the near future, when I have the time and the extra money, I will try to build a desktop computer again with my twin brother's help. His work experience has taken him all over the spectrum in terms of jobs. He was a waithelp at numerous restaurants at several Waikiki Hotels, a delivery person, a sales clerk and many other jobs through a temporary agency. He worked in a lot of industries. As for me, I have been working in the education field as a teacher almost all of my working adult life. I don't regret being a teacher because it has allowed me to own a business and be an author. But, the skills my brother has are skills that I wouldn't mind having when it comes to building things and having skills on the computer.

We are two different people, but we are forever joined by our uniqueness as being identical twins. Being part of a twin hasn't always been easy, but I look back with fondness because I am really close to my twin brother. One and a half years ago, I was asked by my ex-girlfriend (now) that I needed to choose between her and my twin brother. My twin brother fell on hard times and he was forced to live with me. With losing his job, he had nowhere to go. That decision not to pursue a relationship and possibly marriage and having a step kid, may have changed the latter part of my adult life. I don't regret it because this life is temporary. The life after is eternal. I will one day have to answer to God on how I treated others and how I treated those close to me. When that time comes, I want to say I did the right thing.

I remember someone telling me you are smarter than your twin. To that, I say, I don't think so because there are different forms of intelligence. Each person has a unique gift given to them by God. As a teacher, I try to remember that because not all students will go on to college and finish a four year degree.

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