Microsoft Surface Pro iPad

I recently purchased an iPad for my writing business because the iPad just makes it a lot more easier when I make my instructional videos to market my Teachers Pay Teachers Products and my Amazon books. However, I also need an iPad to teach my class for Qtr 4. We are going to blended learning during Qtr 4. Up to now, I was able to write on the Jamboard using the school laptop. However, I am finding out that drawing from the laptop on the Jamboard is becoming increasingly more difficult. Some of the younger teachers purchased their own iPad to use in the classroom. I am reluctant to use my business iPad for my classroom.

My business of writing and my job as a teacher are separate. I don't use anything at work for my business therefore I feel I shouldn't spend my own money and use my own tech equipment for my classroom teaching. I thought of purchasing a second iPad for my classroom because it would make teaching a lot easier. I have the money to purchase my own iPad to use in the classroom, but where do I draw the line. It is almost expected that teachers do whatever is necessary to make sure the classroom is run smoothly. It has gotten increasingly more difficult to write and draw Math equations and shapes on the mouse pad of a laptop. I have managed to get by with what the school provides. The idea of teachers making up the difference of shortfalls for whatever the school cannot provide is almost a given. Teachers do it because they need it in classroom and it makes it so much easier to teach. We have one more quarter left to teach distance learning for this school year. At close to $1000 for the iPad, I am going to pass on purchasing another iPad for me to use in the classroom. I will continue to use the school's tech equipment and try my best.

I know my situation is mild in comparison to a lot of teachers. My school provides me with a laptop to use in the classroom, Google Classroom, Google Jamboard and a projector for me to use in the classroom. At this point, an iPad is an added luxury because it makes writing Math problems on the whiteboard an almost close to being interactive as a teacher can be with virtual learning. With one more quarter to go during the 2020 - 2021 SY, I think I can make do with drawing using the mouse pad on my work laptop.

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