Other Forms of Assessment

At our PLC meeting today, teachers in my Geometry PLC group were reminded of our need to reach all students during 100% virtual learning. At the bottom of the minutes from admin it read, “what are you doing to reach ALL students?” At first we didn’t know how to react because after a long day of teaching, to hear the words, “what are you doing...,“ made everyone in my group feel uneasy. But, after we gathered ourselves together, we thought of numerous ways to test students. However, to make that happen we would need to develop a platform to fit the desired outcomes of our students. One teacher suggested we create the platform by coding and creating it ourselves. The time it would take to complete it with our current skill sets needed to have it done by Monday was just too much to do. We came to the conclusion that it would take us about a month to complete the platform before we could introduce it to the students.

I admire the eagerness and willingness of some of the younger tenured teachers to take on a project such as coding. When I built my private tutoring website from scratch, it took me months to code with html/css. Looking back now, I should have just used a template. But, with that website project, I was able to learn to code and develop my own website. As for this blog site, my intent is to market my books. My blog sites for this blog and my other blog were made using the templates provided. If I had time, I would love to code and build another website again.

In the end we decided to try something else from an existing platform such as Google Forms or Google Slides to create our next test.

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