Pros and Cons of Owning a Private Tutoring Business

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

After doing private tutoring as a business since 2012, I am happy and sad that I don't do private tutoring on a regular basis.

The not so great part of owning my own tutoring business was the fact that everything was on me. I was responsible for everything. I had to continuously market my business. There was a stretch of a period where someone or a group of people kept pretending to be parents wanting tutoring for their child. In the end, I discovered that some of the inquiries were trolls. I remember one evening in early February 2020 when I was making my calls to parents of students I already tutored and making calls to new parents, I received an unsuspecting call. This parent said he wanted tutoring for his 5th grade son. I said I only tutor high school to college students. He was rude after I told him I cannot tutor his son. His reply was, "why can't you tutor my son? It's only 5th grade Math." I was so tired that evening that I didn't have the time to argue and so I referred him to a person I knew that tutors elementary school students. Even after all of that, he was insistent that I tutor his child. My response again was "I don't tutor elementary school students." He then said, "what about me?" I instantly replied, "why do you need tutoring with 5th grade Math?" That set off the loudest barrage of swearing I have ever heard. I immediately hung up the call. Since that day, I made up my mind to not look back. I now write exclusively as my 2nd job.

The moral of the story is when you have a goal to do something such as start a business or create a business, your "why" has to be large enough for you to do something about it. From that day, I told myself I will never deal with trolls pretending to be parents wanting tutoring for their child ever again. I miss the private tutoring aspect of it in terms of reviewing Math skill sets for future tutees or current tutees. But, the freedom I get from writing and knowing that the work I place in to the business is on the frontend and the rewards are at the backend of the business is a feeling like I have never experienced. I now thank the trolls who hassled me because I don't think my "why's" were large enough until I came across that one troll pretending to be a parent. Sometimes, you really never know what God has for you until you try. I thank God every day I am able to go to work and teach high school Math and come home and write part time and make money for doing what I love to do. I love working on Math problems.

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