The High School Experience

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In all of the schedule changes due to the pandemic, I sometimes forget that students have lost one year of their high school experience. For some of the seniors, this was supposed to be their year to play their final season in their respective sport. The winter ball, prom and all the social activities that are associated with high school are all gone. From the teachers perspective, I see a year lost in terms of the curriculum. Students see it differently. The students will remember 100% distance learning where learning took place at home instead of being at school with all their friends. When I think back of what I remembered in high school, I remember all of the social events such as dances, proms or just hanging out with friends. I remember walking to my next period and seeing the dispensary clinic on the near side of the parking lot across the school. I remember running to Mr. H's class just to be on time because if I was late to class, that meant running during basketball practice, before practice and after practice. I remember asking for an off campus pass to go to the restaurant located on the perimeter of the campus. Sometimes the office would grant a pass and sometimes the office would deny me a pass. I remember ordering food from Mr. A during Math class because his family owned a popular eatery in Lihue. For me, the best part of high school was being born and raised in a small town. I played sports throughout my childhood and into high school. This made my high school experience even more memorable.

Equally important are the experiences developed in high school because when it is all over, unless a student majors in a particular field of study, like I did in Mathematics in college, no one will remembers the detailed curriculum what you learned in high school. High school teaches reasoning skills and that is what a student will take with them after high school. But, as far as the exact details in a course, we remember some of the work, but not all of them. I remembered all my Math courses because I majored in Mathematics in college. What we remember however, are the many experiences in high school. In March 2020, all of the student experiences in high school came crashing down because the school was forced to do distance learning. At the time of this publishing, I don't see any changes to the distance learning. My hope is that students will remember the positive parts of their high school. For the students entering college next year, it will be the start of a new beginning.

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