Weekend as a High School Teacher

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I am writing my first blog post for my personal blog. I have been writing a blog for The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative for several months. I decided to open my own blog site and chronicle the things I go through as a high school teacher. Friday started off like any other weekend. By Friday, I am usually drained from the week. Teaching virtual has not changed that situation. In fact, I found out grading papers takes me twice as long to grade because there are no papers to handle. Everything is digital. On Friday, I usually spend the evening just relaxing and not doing anything regarding work. On Saturday, morning, I start on my work and attempt to complete most of the work from the previous week. By Sunday, I usually complete about half of the grading from the previous week. This helps me reduce the workload for the upcoming week. Also, writing is now producing a 2nd income. I usually spend Sunday afternoon and evening writing for my blog or writing products for Teachers Pay Teachers or working on my book for my current book project to be placed on Amazon.

This is my first personal/business blog post aside from my other blog with The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative. I am trying to figure out the RSS feed and the SEO for my new blog. My blog is a work in progress. Thanks for reading my blog.

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