Writing as a 2nd income

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I have always had a 2nd job to supplement my full time teaching job. However, because of the pandemic, I was forced to close my tutoring business and find something to replace tutoring as my 2nd income. In 2019 I started writing and publishing my work on Teachers Pay Teachers. I didn't know what to expect from writing because I have never written something for pay before 2019. I realized early that the reward of writing comes at the backend of the writing process. Since 2019, I would say I spend an average of 6 hours to 8 hours per week on writing lessons, units, worksheets or writing on my book projects for Amazon books. Working as a private tutor and owning my own business helped me make a lot more money than as I do as a writer at this point in time. However, the potential to make additional income with writing far exceed any money I would ever make as a private tutor.

I am also finding out there are more aspects to writing for income that I never really thought of until I started writing and earning extra money. Equally important as a writer is being able to market yourself online so that other people buy your books and products. Also, I have never used social media until sometime in 2018 when I had to market myself as a private tutor for my business. Currently, I have two social media platforms that I use to market my Teachers Pay Teachers product and my Amazon books. The first social media platform I use is Twitter. I feel I can reach a certain audience with Twitter. However, I still don't have data to determine whether Twitter has a rate of return that is worth my time. The next social media platform I use is Pinterest. With this platform, I share boards with a lot of Teachers Pay Teachers Authors who promote their business on Pinterest. With both of these platforms, I feel my business has grown a little. However, to help me take my writing and business of writing to the next level, I was told I would need to blog and do guest blogging. This is why I started my own site with Wix. I also have another blog where I write and market with The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative. But, in order for me to really grow, I feel I would need to do guest blogging and market my business separate from my other blog.

I am still learning the details of blogging and how I should market my books. But, I feel I will be able to market my books online and see significant growth in my income due to writing. My ultimate goal is definitely to retire as a full time teacher and write full time for a living. I am just only now realizing that marketing is equally important to writing a book. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

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